Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arrenzo Paul C. Perea

Life of Mammals and The Social Climbers

     Monkeys are one of the funniest animals in nature. Their playfulness and mischievousness, brought by their intelligence, are some reasons of them being a humorous animal. Scientifically speaking, monkeys and human are both under the order primates. Primates arose from the ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical forests but with the exception of humans, most primates live in tropical regions. Watching the documentary about the life of mammals brought laughter and knowledge as I have observed that humans are closely related to monkeys.
     As shown in the documentary, monkeys have varying species and differences from each other. Few of these were the Marmosets, Capuchins, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Baboons, Howler monkeys, and Macaques. They have different physical structures, sizes, skills, techniques, and food. Each group of monkeys work together, form alliances, and has its own established society wherein there is an alpha male that leads and has higher rank above other males. They also have the sense of being political in the way that they have distinct classes, one of which are outsiders who will become a member until he prove worthy to belong. Just like humans we also have different social classes to which each person belongs to. They also have differences in hunting for food, protecting their group from harm or predators, and cleaning themselves, all of these were done by us humans. Some monkeys can distinguish their safeness to survive. When hunting for food, monkeys work in groups. There is always a leader who gathers food while others stand guard. They speak a language for danger, for attracting other monkey, and for scaring a predator. Monkeys are sociable animals. This means they also have feeling just like humans. They feel love, fear, compassion, and hate.  They interact and form relationship with other monkeys.  They give special attention to their babies, nurse and help each other when wounded. Also shown in the documentary was their ability to think and process information they experience from their surroundings. One instance shown was their capability to learn and adapt the way of opening nuts. Other instance was the Orangutan that copied humans by washing clothes, and in using a nail and a hammer. The only thing was they do not possess enough thinking for them to perform efficiently.
     This documentary shows how monkeys live and how they are closely related to us humans. I appreciate that the documentary was perfectly shot, not only sharing the life of these animals but also giving them love in a way. This documentary serves as an instrument for tracing our pasts, and for us to understand the things that can be developed to become better human being. I also believed that the message of this documentary is not only to love the animals but also to care for the environment. We should bear in mind that we should not hurt those animals since they are the link to our pasts and we may not evolve into this world because of them.

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