Sunday, May 11, 2014

Joanne D. Felonia

Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious

          The film Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious tries to explain how dreams work, what happens to us when we are dreaming, and how dreaming affects us even when we are awake. Overall I learned that dreams are beyond science but can still be classified as such. It is beyond science for the nature of dream itself defies our norm for logic and rationality. In other words, dreams are creatively surreal while science deals with definite data. So why do I say that dreams can still be classified as a science? The obvious reasons are you can definitely measure the brain activity of an animal and of a person dreaming, you can measure his vital signs while dreaming, you can test if a stimuli from outside of the dream will get through and how, you can measure ones eye movements while dreaming, and so on but the main reason why I say dreams can still be classified as a science is because we are yet to understand the real nature of dreams. For example, when we still didn’t have the technology and resources, we weren’t able to explain scientifically the reason behind a rainbow or the rain itself. Humanity back then considered rain as something spiritual, something like a sign from the gods but slowly we were able to discover how water cycle works and from there explain how it rains and why there is a rainbow after it rains.
          Aside from seeing dreams as a science and beyond science as well, I was also able to pick-up one thing from the film, and that is that dreams and the human mind alike have infinite potentials. These potentials can be treated as the dream consciousness, and this dream consciousness, according to the film, is a shared consciousness. In simpler words, this only means that our dreams unite us all. It unites us to the world, the people, and to God.

A Beautiful Mind

          The film was about a mathematician, John Nash who was schizophrenic but was able to overcome his situation later in his life. The film focused on the relationships John was able to develop while experiencing schizophrenia, which I think was very crucial into understanding the moral of the film; that love conquers all. That idea of a great love was materialized into his wife and was the source of hope in the entire film. Which for me only proves that love and hope, more than any medicine that science had ever developed is still more powerful than any disease in the world. This idea, I think is very important into understanding how the human body works. We usually see schizophrenia as a mental disorder that can only be treated with medicine or by admitting the person in a facility, which for me, basically means that the disorder of the body or the mind can be treated chemically or scientifically by stabilizing the hormones of a person. That idea is partially correct, partial in a sense that it makes the world perceive that humans are not emotional beings. In other words, by seeing science as the sole cure for everything, we begin to neglect the fact that humans are emotional beings who have emotional needs. These emotional needs can either be detrimental or beneficial to a person depending on how these needs are met. And the film about John Nash, greatly and fantastically illustrates these benefits and detriments of one’s emotional needs while the film was also able to make the audience appreciate math at the same time.

The Life of Mammals

          The episodes of the documentary were generally about how our closest relatives, the primates, are able to survive and pass on ideas from a generation to another generation, and also how they relate to one another also reflects our social behaviour. I was able to learn that the way these relative of ours work their way up the social ladder is very similar to how we think we can survive today. For the apes, food, territory and protection or propagation of their young is the most important things to survive, and they take steps upward the social ladder just to ensure that they do survive. For the male, it’s maintaining or being an alpha male, foe the female, it’s being one of the alpha males mate. These survival instincts can also be observed in our society today. As humans, we may think that we are the most logical and rational of all animals in the face the earth, which is true, but another truth is we are able to bend our logic to satisfy our survival instincts. One example can be why the government officials in our country still continue to steal money from the people even though they know how that a lot of people in our country suffer and actually die from poverty. It can be said that, their greed is rooted from their instincts to survive; to give shelter and food for their family, to protect and ensure the future of their family as well. And though that thought can be valid, it does not mean that this perception shall rule world. For we, as human beings, are not just made logical to survive but are wired rational to help one another to be able to survive. 

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