Sunday, May 18, 2014

Maria Rizza Belle G. dela Fuente


     Watching the movie Inception was like a mind game. I don’t even know if I can still trust my mind after watching it. My brain was like playing games with me. I don’t know clearly which was a dream for Cobb and which was not.

     Understanding the movie was like finding a way out of a maze. What’s worse, the movie doesn’t even have a clear ending, which is like not finding the way out of the maze.

     The movie also dealt with projections showing up in a dream. It was an additional challenge to know who were real people and who were just projections. Eames even had the ability to shape shift so it was another confusion to determine if it really is Uncle Peter or Eames.

     The movie showed me how repressed feelings and emotions can still play a part in your present self. Some things are kept hidden but not really forgotten. Cobb can’t let go of his regrets on his relationship with Mal. She kept on popping up on Cobb’s dreams. In this context, Freud may be right that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.

     The movie didn’t give a clear ending and the director reasoned out that the ending depends on the viewers’ perspective. Watching movies may seem passive, but Inception made it an active experience. Both the movie makers and the audience have to exchange ideas and artistic interpretations and inclinations to give color to the movie. I like movies like this wherein I am not only entertained but also mentally stimulated.

     I have never tried “being in a dream while being in a dream while being in a dream ad infinitum.” I wondered whether it really possible to have multiple dream layers. I have tried waking up from a dream then realizing that I am still dreaming and therefore wake up from the shallowest level of dream. Will anyone be ever in the fourth layer of a dream and be able to escape from it? Or is already the limbo mentioned by Cobb wherein people just become trapped, grow old in there, and wait for death?

     The mind and the dream world can bring us to places we’ve never been to before, see things we’ve never seen before, and create things we may not create in reality. The mind is so powerful. Just like science and technology, we can use it either for good or bad.


     The discussion about science fiction introduced me to new learning. I don’t read that genre of books so hearing about it in class convinced me to try it. As Sir Juned mentioned to read Sandkings, I became curious and researched it.
The story is about Simon Kress, a wealthy man who loves exotic animals and treats them as pets. He bought Sandkings, semi-sapient insectoid creatures, placed them in a terrarium, and watched them live and engage in battles.
I was reminded of a monarchy when I knew the social system of the sandkings. The maw is like the king being served and who dictates what the colony should do. He controls a big population of mobiles and impacts the fate of the colony. Even the sandkings have a leader and organize themselves, like humans.

     The sandkings also have different colors and are like people who are of different races. They are loyal to their own colony but can still form alliances with other. I remembered our activity about the ancient civilizations. Colonies make decisions based on what can sustain them and give them an advantage.
I was surprised that the writer had an opportunity to include religion as an aspect in the life of the sandkings. They treat whatever image or whoever they see as a god. They carve on their tanks they image of their god and give him offerings. Their concept of their god is quite simple compared to how humans recognize who their god is. Humans want a lot of evidence on a god’s existence and deeds while for the sandkings, whoever they see can be a god for them.

     The sandkings grow depending on how big their environment is. If this happens in real life, I will be scared because sandkings will continue growing and expanding when they are unconfined in an area. They can grow to occupy every free space here on Earth. They can be gigantic that they can pick up or step on other creatures.

     The mobiles don’t get more satient but the maw does. Because the mobiles don’t gain the capacity to discern, they are easily controlled by the maw. It reminded me of how politics work. Those with more information can easily fool those who are ignorant. Knowledge is indeed power.

     According to the novel, the sandkings are of an unknown origin. It made me think if it is possible for such creatures to exist today. Would it be possible that a mutation will occur and sandkings will suddenly be created? With science and technology being more and more advanced every day, are there still things which seem impossible?

     A science fiction story like this opened my mind to things which seem ridiculous today but may be a possibility in the future. It challenged my mind’s creativity on new concepts presented in the story and discernment on what is true and not based on today’s standards.

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