Thursday, February 27, 2014

Citing Reference and Reference List

 Citing Reference

Statements, phrases and paragraphs taken from references must be differentiated from the rest of the text by enclosing it in quotes or block quotes followed by parenthetical references which includes the author's name, date of publication and page numbers:

Loren ipsum (Surname, year, pp)
loren ipsum (Surname, year)
Loren ipsum ( Title of book)

Reference List

In compiling Reference List follow the guidelines based on guide set down by Kate Turabian.

Simply put it should include the following in order:

1. Author or editor or blogger;
2. Year of publication;
3. Article Title;
4. Periodical Title;
5. Title;
6. Compiler, translator or editor;
7. Edition;
8. Name of series, including volume or number used;
9. Place of publication and publisher;

For online references add

10. URL;
11. date accessed.


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Important News

Please note:

This coming Feb 18, our class will be hosting People from Mind Museum who will ne talking about Creative Science Communication. Uou can write a reaction paper about this topic,

This coming Feb 19, there will be a viewing of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

Also today ' Feb 11, 2014 we will be begininng our discussion on Science, Art and Society with Mary Shelley s Frankenstein and viewing James Whale's The Bride of Frankenstein. You can write a reaction paper on this.

Guide Questions:

1. How does Frankenstein the book and the film reflect upon the role of morality and science.?

2. The difference between the movie adaptation of the monster and in the book is that the monster was able to carry a decent conversation. Why was the monster made dumb?  Did it work?