Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Discussion on Civilization and "A Beautiful Mind"

Civilization and "A Beautiful Mind"
STS Plenary summary. Compiled by group 3 ( <3 STS )
April 25, 2014

Civilization exercise:

·          Each civ prioritized a specific need
·          Prioritized by standing by its own
·          It's hard to make a civilization from scratch and limited resources
·          Nagfocus ang marami sa advancements in technology and weapons and defense
·          Nakaaffect ang geography at history ng Pilipinas kasi puro agricultural civilizations, or malapit sa body of water
·          Creativity > Scissors ( technology )
·          It's what you do with the technology that matters
·          Basic needs first, according to Maslow
·          Walang nag alliance na grouips
·          Resources dictate the advancement of civilizations

John Nash

·          Most Scientists are nuts
·          They are very observant and curious about everything
·          It's a bad attitude to think that he can do everything, but it's it's amazing
·          His condition helped him
·          Hot asawa ni John Nash
·          Attendance kills creativity
·          Your illness is a hindrance
·          It's the ability that matters, not the disability
·          Nakakaloka yung relationship nila ng asawa niya
·          His idea was original
·          He was very devoted to math and thought that everything can be solved by math
·          Don't just accept ideas, seek the proof
·          There's a fine line between genius and insane
·          It's hard to have a family when you are very dedicated to work
·          Sobrang galing ng imagination niya
·          Stress reliever ang sex


·          We leared how to understand their conditions more
·          We have to be more understanding about them
·          John Nash's treatment at the end was better than insulin shots
·          His delusions were related to his current emotions
·          ex. Charles appeared when he wanted a friend
·          William appeared when he felt that his work was only trivial
·          The little girl appeared when he was thinking of a family
·          Super brutal ang treatment noon
·          Hindi hadlang ang sakit para makagawa ng great things
·          Okay lang magkaroon ng schizo kasi you'll never be alone
·          Schizo = love is the cure
·          Nagamot yung sakit through math, blessing and cure ito dahil sa mga pattern na nadiscover niya
·          Mind over matter dapat
·          Natitrigger kapag laging alone and stressed
·          Napakahirap magdeal with people na may schizo
·          Important ang social support para malaman ang tama at mali
·          Prone dito yung mga loner at antisocial

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