Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Individual Project for STS


 As promised here are the details for the Individual Project, which must be submitted and also posted on your group blog.

You may submit any of the following topics for your individual project:

 1. Filipino Scientist
 2. Gadget or Technology
 3. News or Latest Development in Science and Technology

1. No repetition of topic/subject.
2. No plagiarism
3. Cite reference and sources
4. Project could be a commentary, narrative, investigative, or fiction piece about a subject falling on any of the three subject areas. 1. Filipino Scientist; 2. Gadget or Technology; and 3. News or Latest Development in Science and Technology
5. Format: (i) Essay (500 words excluding quotations, citations and references); (ii) Five to ten minute video or podcast with written summary; (iii) infographic with written description; and Photo essay with written introduction.

6. Project must be approved before work starts
7. Project should be submitted a month before the end of the Semester

1. Originality of Concept
2. Creativity of Presentation
3. Conciseness of Content
4. Coherence of Concent
 You can submit and reserve your topic using the following forms:

Individual Project of STS THX 

Individual Project of STS THY


  1. sir , cant submit topic using said form..

    my topic is The Camera : Against the Light (working title)
    Adrian Tolentino

    1. Hi. I closed the form last night. please send me your topic via email. Thanks