Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reaction Paper: The Fly (1958)

After watching the 1958 Science Fiction film The Fly, in no more than  three (300) words. What is your opinion of the film? This is required. Please discuss briefly by answering the following questions:

Was the film entertaining and interesting? Why?

What was the film's commentary on Scientists and conduct of science? Would you consider it a morality play? Why?

How does it reflect the view on Science and Technology during the 1950s 

Deadline: December 12, 2013 at 12 noon.


  1. The film was interesting because of its plot, which was also weird at the same time because of the idealism of the mad scientist Andre. I laughed hard at the part when Andre was trying to show his love for Helene; however his head and left hand were in the form of a fly’s, which seemed really disgusting to me. Another part of the movie I liked was when Andre was trying to commit suicide by cutting his head and arms off using the hauler in his laboratory. I thought I would see his body in parts, but I was wrong. I also liked the part when his brother Francois threw a huge stone at the spider and the fly, which already had the head of Andre. It was so funny that during this part, almost everyone became awake.
    The film shows that inanimate and animate objects can be experimented. However, we should be careful in terms of animate beings, especially when we deal with human life because this is a serious topic. I would consider the film a morality play because it teachers people not to experiment with things that are priceless such as human life because regret and guilt would haunt us back once we commit a mistake.
    In the film, different objects were teleported in just a short time span. It only reflects how fast Science and Technology developed in the 1950s.

    Malijan, Maria Micaela B.
    2013 - 02368
    Group 9

    1. Interesting. A number of film in the past effectively used the show- less formula and for moat of the time it was interesting. On another matter and important please post this on your group blog.