Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

by Fevie Ann B. Ramos

            A Beautiful Mind is a movie about the life of John Nash, a mathematician and a Nobel Prize awardee. This movie gave me a glimpse on the life of this amazing scientist. Despite having schizophrenia, he managed to live normally and continue his career as a professor with the help of his wife. I appreciate his love of Math, his passion to discover new things, and his perseverance. He is really an inspiration for many scientists and people who are suffering the same illness.

Even though John Nash is a genius, he lacks social skills which probably one of the reasons why he acquired his disease. He also thinks that he can solve anything and it can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good thing in a sense that he’s not giving up and he actually discovered something very useful like his work in Economics which is the reason why he got the Nobel Prize and a bad thing because most of the time, he forgets to eat and he has a tendency of not caring about anyone besides his work.

         When he believed that he’s work was not suited to his capabilities, his mind created William who introduced him to a dangerous job. Because of this, his condition worsened.  It only shows that confidence can help build our personality but if it’s too much, it can bring us down and I also believe that anything in excess can destroy us.  It’s alright to be dedicated to our work but we must not forget that we also have a life outside our job. We must not forget that there are people who care for us and they also need our attention.

It also made me realize that love is the best cure we can give to the people we treasure. Even though the people we love might push us away because of their disease, we must not lose hope and be patient enough to understand what they are going through. Maybe they can’t say it but they really want our help. We just have to listen, because even if actual words can’t be heard; it’s our heart that will tell us what to do.

This movie shows how an illness can’t be a hindrance in achieving our dreams and it showed me how wonderful the mind of a person can be. Personally, the most interesting part of a human body that I want to study is the brain if I will be given a chance to pursue medicine and take up a specialization. Our mind is a mystery. It gives us the ability to imagine things and enable us to create our own world; it gives us the power to concentrate on things we want to learn; it gives us the experience of pain; and many wonders that are occurring in our body. God really love us for He has given each and every one of us a beautiful life.

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