Sunday, May 11, 2014

ANDAYA - A Beautiful Mind

The movie, A Beautiful Mind, is about the life of John Nash, a Nobel Prize awardee for his works on Game theory. His life way before being the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in the world is not an easy one. It is full of challenges and difficulties that despite his great mind, he can’t solve it alone. The movie started on his college life at Princeton University. Here he faced the problem on finding a suitable topic for his research necessary for him to graduate but a more serious problem he faced here is finding a best friend, someone to hang out with, share stories with and drink with to temporarily forget the problems in the world. And because of this problem, he started showing signs of being a schizophrenic by having his imaginative friend, Charles. His desire for something leads to more imaginative people, more hallucinations. His desire for a more meaningful job lead to the shady government agent and the little girl was fueled by his desire for having a family. This caused a lot of problems with his family by not giving them proper attention. But eventually, he was able to free himself from the chains binding him to his hallucinations. Through the patience his wife gave him and being ignorant are some of the steps he has taken. And from this, he was able to achieve great things.
The movie shows how different the life of a scientist is as compared to most people. They are so immersed in researching things that they became oblivious of their surroundings and shut themselves in sometimes. It just shows the dedication that they have on whatever field they are taking up. They perceive things differently and occasionally came up with weird but interesting ideas. It also shows how serious schizophrenia can be. Living a life where you can’t tell what is real or not is something that can drive you nuts. Something that can make you lose grasp of reality there might come a time you’ll think you are currently in a dream. In relation to this, it is very important that before we judge other of their actions, we must first ask ourselves if they are experiencing problems, emotionally or mentally, that lead to their behavior.

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