Friday, May 9, 2014

APLASCA - A Beautiful Mind

APLASCA, Ana Patricia A.
A Reaction Paper on: A Beautiful Mind
            A Beautiful Mind is a movie based on the life of the great mathematician John Nash who suffered from schizophrenia. It focused on how Nash, his family, and the people around him were affected by the disorder. This unwanted illness took over his life to a point where he was brought to the hospital and people became disgusted of him, but eventually when he became more aware of what was happening, he learned how to deal with it.
            Watching this movie did not only entertain me but also inspired me. I do not know a lot about schizophrenia, but I never knew that hallucinations brought by this disorder can reach to that point, wherein he imagined that he was unlocking codes and he had a best friend. But it was so amazing that because of schizophrenia, he had accomplished a lot of things. Yes, it was somewhat a hindrance for him because it also scared a lot of people, even his family, but maybe if he did not experience it, we will never discover how amazing he is.
            There are really a lot of things that you can realize after seeing this movie. First, friends are really important. Nash imagined that he had a best friend during those times that he was alone and when he needed company. This tells us that man can really not live on his own. Time will come when you will need someone who will listen to you and help you with you problems in life. It is quite hard to not have somebody whom you can tell anything to.
            Second is that, your family will always be there for you no matter what. Her wife is truly a hero. She never gave up on John Nash even on the man’s worst times. Although the consequences brought by schizophrenia have threatened her life too, she never left. She stayed strong for Nash, and she always showed his husband that she is hopeful of his recovery. Her love for her husband is definitely unconditional.
            Lastly, this movie shows us that there is no one else that can help you, but you and yourself alone. Yes family and friends are a great source of support but in the end, if you will not try to face your problems, no one else can solve it for you. Towards the end of the movie, Nash learned how to deal with schizophrenia even without his medications. He learned that the things and people he imagined are just part of his fears. He learned how to conquer and live with them. He was brave enough to face all of those, especially that it is really hard to have a mental disorder.

            After all that he has been through, he came out as someone who has accomplished a lot of things in life. He and the people with him did great in overcoming this obstacle. This movie teaches us to never give up and to just stay positive. In the end, we will learn that even during our downfall, we still have to believe that something extraordinary can be possible and that we should always keep going on with our lives.

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