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de Grano, Princess Maica A.- Reaction Papers

de Grano, Princess Maica A.

Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious

When I was small my mother once told me that dreaming is a power equally given to all of us. In dreams, you can be stronger than Superman, faster The Flash, more amazing than Spiderman etc. In short, you can be whoever, wherever and whatever you want to be, but she noted that what is hard to do is to control your dreams because it can also torment you in every way just like how kryptonite does it to Superman. It lies in the power of the brain, whatever you try to do to conceal your greatest fears it knows exactly what will make you feel down. But it is all in the dream; it is all in the brain.
Brain is really very interesting and dreams make it even more ferocious. Once you enter the dream world you somehow lose command and as if the brain has a mind of its own which now controls you just like in a movie in which you are the star and your brain’s mind is the director. But recently I learned that you can have power over your dreams, you can be its commander-in-chief. You just have to know that it is just a dream, then you have choice then you’re able to do things you couldn’t have done if you didn’t know it was a dream. It is called lucid dreaming. You know you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. You can practice things because you can choose to run programs for wake like practicing a dance, you can do it because you control it. This gives us ways to take advantage of the fact that we can’t do anything physically while sleeping, and so we all do it mentally.
There are really more mysteries behind these brains of ours and science will find a way to explain it.

Life of Mammals: Social Climbers and Food for Thought

For John Locke, “Man formed a society, together with his fellow individuals, to protect his Property, which includes his life, liberty and property.” But it is not just humans who have a concept of society; other living things like monkeys have a concept of living together. Their case I believe is the same with Locke’s social contract. Monkeys also formed a society to protect their life, liberty and those things they have. In BBC’s Life of the Mammals (Social Climbers and Food for Thought episodes), societies of monkeys were further discussed. It was kind of amusing to discover how they live.
They get their foods together. I find it funny in the documentary that they have their own insect repellent. They seem to have their own form of communication. Parent-child relationship is also evident in their society. It is also remarkable that though each of them have their own groups, when it comes to danger all of them help each other through a warning; a warning that is specific for each type of predator. They have extreme intelligence on things, lower than humans but higher than other animals. They manage to do things you don’t expect from animals.
But like our own society, they have their class hierarchy, in which position bring privileges. A thing in every society that I think is not important for development but without our consent is formed. The documentary also discussed the famous theory that our origin is traced to monkeys. It is just that our ancestors have taken a different path. I also believe in the last line of the host that if before population is controlling the environment for their benefit, it is now important to control the population in order for the environment to survive. It now has come to realization that there is an infinite growth of population but a finite availability of resources.

Movie: A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind, certainly the mind is a very astonishing creation. It is our mind that we use to define what is right and what is wrong. But what will happen if it is our mind that fails to determine things? Or creates itself a thing that doesn’t exist? Therefore we will be imprisoned in a world that it created. Just like what happened to John Nash Jr., a mathematician, a Nobel Prize awardee and certainly a genius but he himself was deceived by his great mind.
Schizophrenia, a mind disease that makes you experience things that do not really exist. A disease battled by Nash which was featured in the movie A Beautiful Mind. So how was he able to win a battle against himself? How was he able to teach his mind what exist and what is delusional?
This was a line uttered by Nash at the latter part of the movie, “The most important discovery of my life is that, it is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found.” For me, what he like to say is that, when your mind fails you, your heart is always there to teach you right reasons. Reasons that will help you move forward, reasons that will free you from the prison created by your mind, reasons that will have you continue your life with the people you treasure most.

Science will not let people suffer, science will never let itself go wrong, and science is there to help humanity reach perfection. But one thing about science is that, science itself hasn’t reach perfection. It is not always science that will help us; sometimes what we just need is to listen to another beautiful piece of ourselves which is our heart. 

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