Sunday, May 11, 2014

Don't Touch the UP Birds: A Reaction Paper

by Darlene Salenga 
Group 8 - Heavyweight STS X2

          I never thought that there actually is a science to bird watching. Or's the art of bird watching. Kidding aside, when our professor announced that we will be roaming around the Science complex to look for birds, and identify them if we can, I got so giddy and excited because I just love out-of-classroom learning activities! Studying about birds inside a classroom isn't as appealing as searching for them outside.

          We were told by Prof. Benjamin Vallejo that different kinds of birds are living in UP Diliman because of its lush trees. UP Diliman is even claimed to be a birding site in Metro Manila. For the first few minutes of our activity, we mostly saw Mayas. We even guessed that maybe they weren't Mayas but sad to say, they really were. Eventually we found a yellow bird sitting on a branch of a tree. Guess what? The tree where we found the yellow bird was only outside the CS building. I don't know what kind of bird is it but it is definitely a beauty.

          Because of the bird watching activity, my group mates and I bonded and got more close. This was also a bit of a reminder for us to plant more trees and protect it because we never know how many living things, specifically, birds lose their homes because of us, humans. But in general, we should preserve our nature. Take care of our mother Earth. We only have one Earth. Let's help her live longer.

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