Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Erin Faith C. Miranda - Future of Media

Erin Faith C. Miranda                                                                                                        Future of Media

I was never a fan of politics and activist issues but I certainly enjoyed the discussion between Mae Paner, Inday, Amor and Malou Mangahas last April 29, 2014 at 1st The Future of Media conference done at the UP-Ayala Technoportal grounds.
For me, the talk was very RED – with red as revolutionary for me. They all wanted a certain change. And it is evident that they want to change the government and the society for a better Philippines, of course with the advent of Social Media. Social media was regarded as the New Media while print, ad, tv, radio were considered as the Traditional Media. Social media boomed because people were naturally born critics. All of us want to be heard, all of us wants to step up and contribute in shaping the future of our nation. And in traditional media, only a few were given a chance to speak up. People needed a platform to voice out their opinions and so Social Media was born.
Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc., everything became instant. In a click, you’ll see the latest updates and happenings, traffic, issues and scandals, weather – basically everything we need is on a smartphone. The only problem though, is the improper usage of social media. Here comes responsible citizenship and responsible use of technology.
Some people nowadays seem to forget that we are the “content creators” of the things we, and other people, including children, see on the internet. We are the ones who control what’s trending, what’s hot and what’s new. The problem is that some people are misguided in using the power of Social Media. Hoaxes, false information, wrong ideas and twisted concepts about things can easily circulate in the internet. And most people are susceptible to believing what they just saw on the internet.
Social Media could be a very powerful tool if it would be utilized in a proper, responsible way. And it could start if people were educated as to what they should be doing with technology.

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