Friday, May 9, 2014

MANLICLIC - A Beautiful Mind

Anne Lisette P. Manliclic

Reaction Paper on “A Beautiful Mind”

The film was very inspirational. It showed that there is no perfect road to success. The successful people also have to go through a lot of sufferings before they were able to reach their current status. Diligence and patience are necessary traits in order to fulfill our dreams.
                The movie showed that the life of a mathematician is very challenging since they really have to utilize their brains. They need to see the world through a different lens since they are concerned with creating new ideas and solving problems which are not normally questioned or thought about. Even in doing their daily activities, their brains still need to work for new ideas. It is amazing how they can discover new things even in normal events in their lives since they view the world differently. Their extraordinary perception is probably why most intelligent people are considered as strange.
                Through the movie, I was also able to understand more about schizophrenia and how difficult it is for people who have this. This showed the power and limitless capacity of the brain. John wasn’t able to exactly control his brain from the hallucinations. Perceiving reality from fantasy is also a very tough problem one has to deal with because this will affect the different aspects of one’s life: work, family, social life and daily activities. The movie put the viewers in the shoes of the person suffering from this. The audience was able to share in the pain of the person. Being in the shoes of these suffering people, we learned not to judge them.
                The story of John Nash is motivational because he was able to overcome his fears and even schizophrenia. He made all this through the help and support of his wife who understood what he had to go through. The film also showed that there is a reason for every challenge that we experience in life. In John’s case, schizophrenia may have helped him in developing his theories. We can always turn our weaknesses into strengths and see the opportunity in every difficulty.
                One of my favorite parts in the movie was when John’s wife told him that even though he cannot perceive what’s real and what’s not, he only needed to feel what is real and that is his wife’s love for him. My other favorite part was when the students put a pen on his table one by one. This is a sign of respect and honor for him which he was finally able to earn.

                The movie was probably entitled “A Beautiful Mind” because John’s mind was able to overcome the problem even though the problem is his mind. Instead of treating the challenge as a hindrance, he made this as a bridge to success. It also shows that for something to be beautiful, it does not have to be perfect because everything is special in its own way.

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