Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction on Dreams

Patrick Jose IV. V. Andaya


                A couple of meetings before, we viewed a documentary about dreams. It was also done by the people behind the movie Inception, which was a nice thing because it’s like a little supplement to the film, which is also about dreams.
                The documentary explained the process of dreaming, its stages like light sleep, to heavy, until REM sleep, the part where dreams happen. In this state, the body is paralyzed and the eye moves very rapidly. This is so that we can move in our dreams, and not get hurt while sleeping. In the movie, they said that time runs faster in the dream state, because the brain is used more, which could be the cause of the rapid eye movements.
                Common dreams among people were ones of falling off, loosing teeth, being naked in public. I only had memories of dreams where I would wake up from falling, and I’m thankful I haven’t had those other dreams.
                I have had dreams where I would be in places I have never been before, only to find myself in those places in real life at a time much later than my dream. Also, I’ve been sleep walking and sleep talking as far as I remember that I just deemed it normal. My mother has said that it’s such a shame that I haven’t told her the winning lotto numbers yet in my sleep.
                The documentary also discussed other things associated to dreaming, like lucid dreaming and shared dreaming. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is conscious of the dream while he is in it, and he can control what happens in the dream. I used to want to be able to dream lucidly but all I ever got was about three seconds of lucidity before I fully wake up. My girlfriend and I are also able to share dreams some times, and it was scary but also exciting the first few times.
Because of the documentary, it made me understand more about my dreams and that they were a perfectly normal thing to have. It’s kind of cool and awesome at the same time.


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