Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction: Life of Mammals

Ma. Cielo Amor C. Griño
2013 - 45535


The Earth is an amazing planet. Not just because of the landscapes and breathtaking sceneries it has, but also the varieties of life it supports. From the smallest bacteria to the largest mammals, the planet homes different species far and wide. Having this many competitors with limited resources the planet has to offer, living has become a never-ending bloodbath to most of us. Every day is a struggle for every living organism to survive. 

A glimpse in the monkeys shows us how brutal it is to stay alive. Each day is a day for gathering food, finding shelter and hosting the young. With these, they adapt to the environment for the sake of their survival needs. They feel accustomed and adjust to the surroundings. The one who does this first can conquer. 

With billions of organisms living on planet, one has to take charge and stand to the top. And that’s where “Man” comes in. Humans spread to every corner of the Earth. From the high cold Artic to the dry hot deserts, Humans are everywhere. Ever since our ancestors develop bigger brains and the ability to stand upright, we have dominated Earth and now sitting at the top of the chain. We took over the entire planet in just a short span of time. 

An indirect correlation of population and resources shows that the Earth’s wealth may be at its peak. Now, we try to find resources not just in our home planet but also in other planets as well. Human beings’ thirst for innovation causes us not to adapt for our environment but letting the environment adapt for us. Our great capacity for gaining knowledge turned us from indigenous men to modern humans, creating for our own satisfaction. Much like the Mayans, we have reached significant advances that lead to rise in population. The Mayans case lead to catastrophe. The same thing can happen to us. 

Change has yet to come. And the only one who can do that is us. The life cycle on earth is a dramatic story. If we start now, we can contribute a great chapter for the generations to come. After all, it is still far from its finale. 

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