Friday, May 9, 2014

Reaction Paper: A Beautiful Mind

SALAC, Carlo P.
STS X2      

I have to admit that I am not a fan of biography films because I find them really boring. So, I did not expect much on the film “A Beautiful Mind.” I thought I was right that it was boring when we watched the first parts, but as the movie progressed, I actually found the film interesting, probably because science was an integral element of the movie. However, I realized that what amazed me more was the story itself.

The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is centered on the life of a mathematician named John Nash: his academic life, family, and his struggle against schizophrenia. I had many thoughts on this film. First, I commend the people behind this film because the story line was well made. I actually believed that his friend, Charles, the little girl, and William are all real. I did not expect them to be just manifestations of John’s imagination. This just shows how effective the buildup of the details up to the main conflict was. As for the John’s life itself, I felt a mixture of amazement, pity, and inspiration. I felt amazement because despite him being socially awkward, he did not consider it to be a hindrance to continue to study. Also, I like that he wanted to find an original idea for his study, because I believe that originality is important for a scientist. However, I did not like his refusal to accept defeat or mistake because we all know that it is not a desirable trait to have if you’re in the field of science. I felt pity because of the way how the society treated people with schizophrenia during that time. How ironic that those people who needed emotional support from their surroundings the most were the ones treated as laughingstock by many. Good thing that his ever-supporting wife did not give up on him and supported him until the end. Lastly, I was very inspired by how he fought his sickness for his family. He even continued to pursue science where he even won the prestigious Nobel Prize. For a student in the field of science like me, his story is something that I should always remember.

This movie opened my eyes on the situation that people diagnosed with schizophrenia have to deal with. Everyone can be a victim of this sickness. It is a good thing that through time, more advanced and effective treatment are being developed. However, I believe that spreading awareness on schizophrenia and the conditions of the schizophrenic is just as equally important as medication, because as we have seen in the film, the support that people give to the patients greatly affects their recovery. They should be treated not as something to be laughed at, but instead, they should be treated with care and love. 

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