Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction Paper: A Beautiful Mind

by Imperio, Etienne Y.

                “A Beautiful Mind” is a simple movie about a guy who achieves a lot, gains friends, be distinguished in his field and even find love. It is an only about a genius mathematician and Nobel Prize awardee, John Nash, who contributed to the Game Theory which has helped in different fields of knowledge.

                Well, it was that simple until we learn that John Nash has a mental disorder called “schizophrenia”. We are then led to question everything that happened in the first part of the movie. Who was real? Which parts were just a delusion created by his mind?

                Let’s first get to the real ones. Mr. Nash, despite being anti-social, meets new people in his school who brought out his competitive side while allowing him to enjoy even for a little bit their company. These people who will later prove to be his real friends were even the ones who encourages him and accepts him whole-heartedly despite Nash not being so open to them. He may not have considered them as best friends or even as colleagues, they are closest ones he can have in that category. Even his wife, Alicia who is depicted to be a very patient and supportive wife to Nash especially during his rough times is not just a figment of his imagination. The people, his relationship with them, his genius concepts, his abilities and skills, his contributions to our society and most of what’s around him are actually real.

                However, having schizophrenia, Nash gets to create certain people in his life. His mind is able to create another world within this world detailed enough to be confused with reality. This becomes somewhat his world of solitude- a world where he can freely use and maximize his abilities. He creates a roommate character to fill the space of a friend. He creates a mission for himself in order to fill the space of his great dream for himself. He also creates a character that will discipline him and challenge him to greater heights. And he also makes a new character in a form of a child who later on will be his indicator to go back to reality. But then, who is to say what is truly real, right?

                John Nash’s mind is no doubt of a genius. Yes, he may be sick. It may have hindered his vision of reality but that in itself does not stop his mind to continue thinking of new ideas, solutions to problems and maybe, continue create new characters for his “other” world. Nonetheless, it is still beautiful.  

                Minds, be it of a genius or not, are truly fascinating as they are so complex that no one can exactly tell what is going on inside of it. It may sound ironic but no sickness or evil thoughts can stop the beauty of our minds because it is so powerful; it helped us achieve great lengths. It is not just “a beautiful mind” after all. It is THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS.

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