Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction Paper : Dreaming

Krisna Dianne A. Mabasa                                                                                         May 10, 2014
2012-29764                                                                                                               STS- X2
            Dreaming is the gateway to the your unconscious. Your dreams may not be exactly counted as normal but it is completely ordinary. I personally think that sometimes, the unconscious hides all the “icky and yucky” stuff of your personality, the stuff that is not exactly acceptable to the society. We hide it because once we do not conform to the society’s norms, we would be judged or we could be an outcast.
            Dreaming is not yet fully understood. Dreaming is normal but we still do not know why we dream. A study said that each night, we dream at least 13 dreams, but we don’t remember all of our dreams. Some people have tried to put interpretations to the dreams. One example is that when you dream that your teeth are falling out of your mouth, one relative will die. I have never dreamed that, and the people I know who have dreamed it have contested the reality of this prediction. Even scientists still can’t explain why people from different parts of the world dream the same dreams like the dream wherein you are naked or improperly dressed in a public place. This proves that people are all connected. The question is how, and for what purpose? The film opened the idea of shared dreams. I have never heard of it, and I was surprised that a group mate of mine shared that he had a dream that he shared with his girlfriend. The dream was about him going to a place with his girlfriend but he saw it in his point of view. His girlfriend had the same dream in the same night, but she saw it in her point of view. This is the closest I have ever heard of a shared bond. (I felt kilig when he told us this.J)
            I don’t have much to tell about my dreams. I have never had a shared dream or a dream that I could continue every night (like a series of interconnected stories that continue the next night). As much as I wanted my dreams to have a Part II, I just can’t. I have also never experienced a lucid dream. I wanted to try it but the possibility of sleep paralysis haunts me. I fear it more than I want to try lucid dreaming. Usually, I don’t remember my dream. I have drawn a conclusion that only when I am not stressed or when I don’t have anything to do tomorrow can I remember my dream. It’s like my mind is a hard drive with a limited free space and my subconscious doesn’t want for the dream to occupy that few, important, last space. Or maybe, my dreams are just “icky and yucky”, and she wants to hide it. Whatever the reason is, I believe that everything has a reason. If my dreams were really that bothersome, then I say thank you to my subconscious.

            Dreams are amazing and are enigmas. We might come to a time when we could understand all of our questions about it, or we may not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away the wonder that is our dreams.

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