Sunday, May 11, 2014

STS Reaction Paper: Bird Watching

By Mendoza, Naomi B.

                Last week was the activity on bird watching and the talk about the different species of birds in UP Diliman. It was really interesting and I learned a lot from it. It was amazing to know that there are around fifty plus species of birds in UP and some of them are endemic species. As for the activity, we had fun when we went bird watching. It was inspiring to see different kinds of birds around the College of Science. Most of them you don’t usually see every day. I was never observant before and I did not realize and appreciate the beauty of these animals within the thick chunks of trees that spread around the university. I hear them every day but never really paid attention to them. I think this talk was important because it serves as an eye-opener to UP students to become aware of the environment. I also think that we, as students, should feel responsible somehow to take care of the environment for these animals. By providing them a rich biodiversity throughout the whole campus, we can help them expand their population and attract more species of birds inside the campus. We should promote this and inform all other students of the existence of these animals in UP and that we should be aware and foster them as they grow in population. In return, we may maintain and enjoy a healthy environment in UP for the students and for the animals as well. This practice will also promote a good attitude towards nature as we move to a larger community and will encourage other people to do so. The preservation of the environment should always be a priority since we will all benefit and suffer consequences from it. 

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