Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cacatian, Lean Angelo D. - Bird Watching

Cacatian, Lean Angelo D.                                                                                                                                            2014-57145
Bird Watching
Birding, or birdwatching is a recreational or social activity that involves observing the lives of birds through visual or auditory means. I was truly oblivious to this activity until our professor, Sir Sonido introduced an expert in birdwatching. He first had a discussion on birds as he talked about different species of birds and how each differ from niches, to colors, to means of catching food. His talk was very interesting and because of his discussion I was intrigued to know more about the feathery creatures. Perhaps another astonishing point of his discussion was when he disclosed to us that there are in fact more than 50 species of birds in our campus, UP Diliman. Of course, UP Diliman is full of diverse trees and plantation, but it was still surprising, because honestly, the only kind of bird I always saw, prior to the awakening of my keen birding eye, was the maya.
 At the start of our birdwatching session, I was still just seeing mayas, until I realized that the birds that I was starting to see were becoming more and more diverse. I started to realize that the birds I was seeing from afar had different colors of feathers etc. I honestly had a hard time when we had our birdwatching in the CS complex because most of the birds were far away or perched hidden in high trees. It was also difficult at first to spot the birds because I think they were flying away from our group. Despite this, I still enjoyed looking at the birds while hearing their chirping. I also enjoyed the scenery of the trees and everything else.
After this activity, I realized first, how lucky we are to have this beautiful campus filled with plantation and of course, the beautiful birds. It is really something to study in this school that fosters diverse species of birds. I realized too that nowadays, wildlife and plantations are also decaying, hence someone, most especially our generation should start taking responsibility of caring for the future of not only the birds, but of life here on our planet. In relation to my course, economics, I think that environmental and public economics can be used to put a price on the destruction or pollution of nature, to give an incentive to keep our environment clean. One of the many take home lessons from this experience is to, of course, keep our environment clean and preserve nature.
As stewards of our planet, we should be responsible for this. From the continuous thriving of the beautiful birds in our campus to all over the world, to the sustainable life of all creatures and plants in the world, our tasks as guardians of our planes is truly one of our most important yet, often disregarded duties. Next I learned that there is really beauty in everything, even in mundane things. Before the birding session, looking at streets, the sky and trees was monotonous to me. Now I realize that looking at the same things, there are so much more to them. For example, the wire lines looked so bland to me before, but now, it will always be amusing to see different species of birds on them. Indeed, walking around UP will never be the same to me again. Also, this goes to life in general: everything will be much more beautiful if we learned to appreciate more.

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