Saturday, May 10, 2014

In the World of Dreams

Paulma, Christine L.
2013 – 44340

In the World of Dreams
A reaction paper on the lecture about dreaming

            Dreaming is something that, we humans who experience it, find fascinating. It is something that interests us since we ourselves experience it a lot. Many say that it is just a state of mind and several think of it as something else. There are people who research more about dreams and they have different perceptions and explanations about what it really is. Some give meaning to it through their own experiences while others approach it in a way that they study others’ knowledge about it.
            Personally, the thought of dreaming always gets my attention. It may be because I dream when I sleep and needless to say, I do daydream as well. Dreams could be good or bad, happy or sad. You may find yourself waking up to a smile or sometimes you find yourself in your own cry. Dreaming, to me, is taking oneself to an adventure. Sometimes, the dream feels so good and so real that you would want to stay in that state forever. However, they still are dreams and we wake from them. There are instances when we wake up and when we go back to sleep, we force ourselves to continue the adventure we were in. There are those who are able to control their thoughts. They are sleeping yet they know that they are in a dream. They control the picture that they see in their head and they get to manipulate their thoughts. There are also those who experience shared dreams wherein they have the same dream with another person. With regards to sleeping, there are those who sleep talk and there are those who sleep walk. There are also those who, in their sleep, wake up yet not able to neither move their body nor open their eyes.
            I guess every one of us is able to experience this state. We all get our own share of dreaming, of sometimes feeling to be in another world. When our dream seems real, we sometimes think that it has happened already or it could happen in the future. Sometimes, we experience déjà vu. When we experience something that we think has already happened before, we every so often remember that we had had that experience in our dream. There are instances when we try to give meaning to the thoughts we have when we are in our sleep. At times, we take them as signs or as guides in our future actions and decisions. There are some of us who try to find the meaning of our dreams. I do so myself.
            Our dreams reflect what we have in mind. Others say that these are our subconscious. Others declare that dreams are the things, the ideas, the emotions that we don’t really entertain when we are awake. Studies have already been made regarding the science behind dreams. In the movie “Inception”, they have shown how dreams can be manipulated with proper knowledge and technology. Even so, I still find dreams as something that is mystifying. I would like to think of it as something that cannot be fully explained by science. Even then, its mystery amazes me and gives me wonder that I would like to keep.

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