Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reaction paper on A Beautiful Mind

Miguel, Marianne
STS Juned Sonido

Reaction paper on A Beautiful Mind

                Russel Crowe’s character, John Nash, is a very eccentric person. Also an introvert, he is used to being alone with his work than with other colleagues and because of this, he started to imagine people with whom he is able to have a connection with. His delusions came in times when he wanted to have a friend, a job that felt important and a family. These imaginary people John Nash created in his head pulled him away from the real world, and the result being disconnected from people who care about him like his wife and his college friends. He had trouble being a loving husband because of the distractions caused by his delusions, he stirred away from his work because he was too focused on his other “work” of being a spy of the United States which did not happen in real life. After some time of living with his delusions, he was admitted to a hospital that specializes with his condition. He underwent serious rehabilitation to cure him but in the end, it was his will power that gave him strength to overcome his sickness. The support he got from his family and friends also made a huge impact on him and conquering schizophrenia.

                His illness, schizophrenia, is a very serious condition. People who have this need the full support of their family and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Those who are alone and living mostly in solitary are the ones who have a tendency to be schizophrenic because when they do not socialize, their minds start to conjure things and people up for them. Sometimes this condition is dangerous because it can hurt the patient, especially if his delusions start to be more assertive and commanding. Treating patients with schizo should be dealt with therapy instead of wiping out their memories through physical pain. Hospitals need to remember that even though these people are sick, they are still human beings. They are not animals that are to be tortured and hurt. With a family’s support and love, one can still live a normal life even if he/she is dealing with schizophrenia. It is also in one’s mind and will power that he finds the strength to heal.

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