Thursday, May 8, 2014

MARCELO - A Beautiful Mind

MARCELO, Lady Princess S.

Reaction on A Beautiful Mind

            The life of the well-known mathematician, John Nash, was portrayed on the movie entitled A Beautiful Mind. It was a great film that I even thought at first that it was the wife who was insane. I even did some research on its synopsis and found out that there were deviations from Nash’s story and the film. For me, it was okay because a film is just a portrayal of a man’s life, we can’t assume that everything shown there is real.
            Because of the movie, I was able to understand what schizophrenia really is and what schizophrenic persons experience. It must have been really hard for them to see and know what is real and what is not. The good thing for John Nash is that he was able to think logically and thought that his imaginary friends are not aging; therefore, they can’t be real. This movie is a great tool to bring awareness about schizophrenia. Persons surrounding them need to be welcoming and more understanding. What they need the most is the love and care from their families and friends. I actually admire Nash’s wife for being so strong for her husband.

            John Nash, being able to fight and overcome his schizophrenia, has really inspired me a lot. His condition did not stop him from coming up with a great idea about equilibrium that even won a Nobel Prize for being so useful in the field of Economics. It is quite amazing that he came up with the idea of equilibrium when he was in the bar just by looking at a girl’s face. Maybe that’s really how it works for mathematicians and scientists. They are able to come up with ideas by mere observation or bright ideas just pop in their out of nowhere. 
            John Nash will serve as an inspiration for me to never give up and keep trying. Believe in yourself and don’t let your condition or disability be a hindrance for you to reach your dreams.

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