Thursday, May 8, 2014

MARCELO - The Social Climbers

MARCELO, Lady Princess S.

The Social Climbers

          The Social Climbers was a very informative documentary. Honestly speaking, there were so many “woah!” and “aww!” moments for me while watching the documentary. There are a lot of things showed in there that I didn’t know about monkeys. I have read about them in books, watched them in television shows and learn some things about them in school. What I only know is that apes and monkeys are known as our closest evolutionary cousins. Their physical features are almost like ours. They have brain size relatively bigger than other animals, the reason why they are brighter.
          Monkeys’ society is actually comparable to ours. There is politics, survival of the fittest, allies and others. They almost always make the right decision in order to survive. They are forming allies by being friendly with other groups of monkeys, hunt with them, and share the bounty with them. Maybe they already have this instinct that they will be needing some backups if ever they are attacked by other groups. This is really interesting because this is evidence that they somehow think logically.
The monkeys are so cute, especially those who are trying hard to crack the nuts and shells. I didn’t even know that they are “that” advanced in terms of thinking. Like humans, they use tools to make the work, cracking nuts, easier for them. The younger ones learn from observing the elders but it takes years to be able to master the skill. This is very similar to humans where we are learning skills from observing others, then practice until you master it.

Honestly, I became more interested on monkeys because of the said documentary, The Social Climbers. There is still a lot to learn about monkeys. Who knows, they might be even more advanced as the time goes by. Nothing is impossible for such bright man-like creatures. 

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