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Mariano, Shyrill Mae - On Life of Mammals

Mariano, Shyrill Mae 2012-60404
On Life of Mammals

It was very enlightening to see how different primate groups live in their respective habitats. Somehow, I’ve got to see the reflection of the humans on those primates. There were many things that have been shown that I’ve never known before, like how certain primates would work with each other to gather food and to protect each other. The complexities of a larger group of primates fascinated me because they exhibit things that are usually seen with humans. And apparently, primates do experience the problem of fitting in as any human would in a new group. But of course, there remains the concept of having an alpha male which for me is very animalistic in nature. This, for me, is one of the defining differences between primates and humans. Interesting to notice too that the larger the group of a certain primate is, the more intelligent their group seem to be. Having their own way of communication and maintaining social relationships really reminded me of our own race. Seeing their way of living also reminded me of our own. Like the part where they learn by imitation, isn’t it that we do that too? Watching all these documentaries made me see them less animal and more human.

At the end of the documentaries, it made me realize once again how drastically human existence changed the world. Honestly, I would say it was more of for the worse than for the better. I’ve always loved nature since I was child. I’ve got to spend my summer vacations in the mountains of Bataan where the air is fresh and the water flowing in the river is clean and drinkable. Alongside this, I lived my school days just a few meters from the Pasig River, which since I can remember has been dirty and grows even more so until today. Even before we’ve watched the documentaries, I’ve thought before that we should start controlling our population rather than us controlling our environment. Even the idea of exploring the outer space for an alternative habitat for humans doesn’t go well with me. I believe that we must fix things in this world and just stay here, really. Leaving would mean giving up, and I sure hope no one give up on this world we’re living in. 

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