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Miro Jan Benedict G. Navarro - A Beautiful Mind Reaction Paper

Miro Jan Benedict G. Navarro                                                                                            STS X2

A Beautiful Mind Reaction Paper

                  The film "A Beautiful Mind" is a film that portrayed what is happening inside the mind of John Nash who is a Nobel Prize winner for his work in Game Theory. It is a good film because it is narrated in a way that will make you think and analyze each scene and how they are all connected. Also, it shows how the mind works when you have schizophrenia and how it affects everyone around you.
                The main thing that I like in the movie is the way it showed how schizophrenia manifests in a person. Schizophrenia is defined as mental disorder characterized by a breakdown in thinking and poor emotional responses. Its symptoms include paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and social and work problems. As a mentally healthy person, I can't comprehend how these symptoms and problems manifest in a person. This movie presented this well and it is obviously difficult to have these symptoms while trying to live a normal life. It also does not help to be socially awkward and to not be able to respond properly to emotional situations when you needed to be a father to your son and a husband to your wife. Even though he has this condition, he does his best at everything which made him discover and analyze important concepts which we still use nowadays.
                Another thing that I observed in the movie is that people can't be alone. The movie showed that it is a basic human need to form bonds and relationships with other people. This was manifested when John Nash created his imaginary friend Charles and his niece. He feels happy when he interacts with them and I observed that those scenes with them are when he is smiling. Another thing that the movie showed is that it is important for a person to recognized and appreciated. This was manifested in the form of William Parcher which satisfied his need to be recognized when he was important cryptograher for the Department of Defense. This is why he was "decoding codes" from newspapers and magazines.
                 Overall, the movie is a must watch for people of all ages. It did a good job introducing John Nash to the audience and it also did a good job portraying schizophrenia and how this condition affects people around the one who has it. It also showed that we can't be alone in this world and we need to love and be loved. Lastly, I believe it also showed that people suffering the same condition that they too can overcome mental disorders, stand up again on their feet and have a better future.


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