Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reaction Paper: Bird Watching in UPD

Cyrishlyn Aira E. Malubay

Reaction Paper: Bird Watching in UPD

            Nowadays, our environment is suddenly turning into a place of pollution where many people perform their lives and do their everyday agendas caring less about the crucial problems that could affect us, maybe not today, but for the next years of our lives. With this alarming fact, it's nice to know that still, there are places that remained healthy and sanctuary for the wonderful plants and animals. One of these places is the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD). As a UPD student, I was really amazed when I find out about the birds in UPD because I don't usually pay attention to these creatures. I am not that interested with birds but our bird watching activity in STS proved to me that it is an enjoyable activity especially with friends.

            We saw different kinds of birds when we went out of the classroom for our activity which was birding. We did the said activity around the Science Complex. Actually, most of the birds we spotted were all like fantails since they almost have same tail as the fantails. We spotted birds like Violet Cuckoo, Narcissus Flycatcher, Red-bellied Pitta, Oriental Cuckoo, Maya, and others which we are not really familiar with. Another one that caught our attention was the bird with blue feathers and white belly. At first, we named it “Big Bird” then eventually, we just called it “Blue Eagle”. Because of the name we gave it, I thought that maybe it was from Ateneo then migrated to UP for a better surrounding and atmosphere. I learned many things in this activity. I only found out about the brown birds dominating the Philippine skies were actually the Mayas when we were birding. For the 17 years of my existence in this world, only now I know that the Mayas were the ones I used to see everyday, those that I used to call “everyday birds”. Yes, I am so stupid. Atleast, now I know!

            Moving on, I realized that the Philippines really has a great biodiversity. It is a place not just for people, but also for the plants and animals that needed a space for living. Our environment is very rich, but I believe it cannot stand alone. It gives us resources, jobs, food, and many other benefits that could help us in our everyday lives. So I think, we must also do our part in protecting and conserving them. It should be a give and take relationship. Rich biodiversity should be one of our goals in our country. As of now, we still have enough, but if these natural resources would be given less and less attention, then I think, the future generations will suffer because of the fault of the people before them. Therefore, before it's too late, we should do the right thing and start protecting the environment God has given us to pursue, not to ruin.

            As a student, I think I am not a big personality to influence everyone and to put into their minds the ideals that I have in developing the biodiversity we have. I know I cannot do everything, but I believe I can do something. All of us can do something for the success of our country, not just in terms of the environment, but also in the success of our economy, and also in our socio-political aspects. Like what i've stated before, it's not too late to act for our biodiversity. So for me, we should not just be a conscious citizen. We should have the awareness that can push us to do things for the development of our nation.


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