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Miro Jan Benedict G. Navarro - "Dreaming - Cinema of the Unconscious" Reaction Paper

Miro Jan Benedict G. Navarro                                                                                            STS X2

"Dreaming - Cinema of the Unconscious" Reaction Paper

              Dreaming is something I find interesting and mysterious. It is something that is difficult, if not impossible, to understand and analyze unlike physical and life sciences like biology, physics, and mathematics. I noticed about dreams is that they seem real to you even though you know that it is impossible for it to happen. Also, it seems that the dream wants to convey a message to you which is not
              In the documentary Dreaming - Cinema of the Unconscious, it explains how the physical body reacts when a person is dreaming. The person dreaming is in a rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and his/her brain activity is equivalent to when a person is awake. This means that the brain is processing information which comes from virtual inputs and not from sensory input (e.g. sight, taste, smell). It is also noted in the documentary that when we dream, the logic center of the brain shuts off which is the reason why our dreams, even though how bizarre, seem real to us. I think this implies that my dreams are times when I process information that I disregarded during my waking hours. When I learned about this, I tried to analyze my dreams to find out what information I have discarded when I was awake the day before. This method sometimes works and I was able to remember but most of the time it made no sense at all. Dreams are really mysterious after all.
               Another thing that the documentary described is that the motor control part of the brain is turned off which in turn, paralyzes the body. I have experienced this paralysis before and it was a scary experience. Most of the time though, I wake up from a dream when I raise my right hand for it seems to be my personal signal that it is time to end the dream and wake up. It is an interesting thing I have discovered about myself.
               The documentary also defines the concept of lucid dreaming. It is a way to dream when you can control your dream and not just wandering in it. I find this type of dreaming interesting but I have never experienced this type of dreaming because if I knew during a dream that I am dreaming, I wake up.

              Overall, the main thing that I have learned in this documentary is that our brain is a very powerful thing that we all have. It can process, classify, analyze and even create. This proves that we have unlimited potential because of our brains. The documentary shows how beautiful our minds are and we should appreciate what we have.

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