Sunday, May 11, 2014

PAGULAYAN - The talk about birding

Birding can be called a short version for the word more commonly known as ‘bird watching’. The UP Diliman campus hosting 56 to 80 species of birds is a popular site at which people can pursue their hobby of bird watching without hassle. Some bird photographers also frequent the campus to maybe capture some rare species with their camera.
Birding as stated by our speaker can be a really good hobby, to some a business but also to others it can also be vital in research papers. Especially for those environmentally concerned, the number of birds in an area is a really good indicator of how well or bad a specific area’s biodiversity is. The activity we had also showed that birding needs concentration and patience to accomplish appropriately and gives an idea on how researchers dealt with their study that used the same procedure. The 20 minute (fast) walk onto a 25 hectare area is already a chore in itself that it really showed that the dedication shown by those who do it on a daily basis for months is really great. The method shown or employed was ‘random walking’ to have a more variable result each time birding is done but then again, random walking that still covered key points in an area seems to be a more appropriate explanation seeing as birds will frequent a certain place depending on the season which may be overlooked if the walk was truly random. Identification of the species of birds also proved to be very difficult for an average person to do such as myself.
What surprised me in the presentation of birding was that bird photographers really had clear and good pictures of some species of birds. Each photo also cost a lot of money which can feasibly be called a good business venture especially to those who enjoy the hobby of bird watching. I might as well try it once I get a good camera since the activity really was enjoyable and much more worthwhile if I could have something for it.

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