Sunday, May 11, 2014

UYEHARA - A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a movie based on the life of John Nash, a mathematician. At that time, he is challenged to excel while studying in Princeton University. And while studying he thought he had a roommate Herman who became his friend. After being able to successfully develop his original idea. He had the opportunity to work at MIT. Alongside that, he imagined he was able to crack an enemy code in Pentagon where he also thinks he met Parcher from the U.S. Department of Defense. He also perceived a third imaginary friend, Marcee. He eventually met his wife Alicia. At one point is John Nash’s life, his addiction to his imagined job in cryptography and perception of non-existent friends overwhelmed his senses that he was taken to be examined and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. John Nash and his wife battled this new sickness together and John Nash came win the Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Although John Nash is undeniably sick with schizophrenia, he is also undeniably blessed with a beautiful mind. His sickness has introduced him with imaginary friends and situations which have shaped the course of much of his life. For him to possess that kind of unique mind is already beautiful. Although schizophrenia is a sickness, it can also be a way to just categorized a state of mind which is just as different as our minds are. Whether John Nash has a sickness or not, his story is incredible because despite the fact that he is different from the society and is discriminated, his difference had become into something fruitful which he came to realize at the ends of his life.

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