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ANTONIO, Louise Sigrid C. 2011 - 48992

ANTONIO, Louise Sigrid C. 2011 - 48992


 David Attenborough discussed several interesting facts about monkeys and about the traits and characteristics of several of their kind in his documentary. Every specie of monkey has its desirable traits. Every monkey is equipped with their specific talents for their survival in the forest. I have learned a lot from the documentary. I have learned a lot from the activity, one thing I have learned is how interesting monkeys really are. Monkeys are fascinating creatures. They know how to survive and to adapt to their environment. Some monkeys like the one shown in the first part of the documentary had already discovered a way to get through the shell of the clams. They hit the clams in the trees so that it would relax and later on the shell will open. Athough it takes time for monkeys to acquire this skill I am very amazed that they have formed a solution to open the clam.  Other monkeys display their intelligence and skills on finding food for themselves as well as in getting it also. The smallest monkey as discussed by Mr. David Attenborough in the video
has this amazing speed that enables it to catch small insects without that much effort. Also, their nails were specifically designed to make them grasp branches and for them not to fall of. Their small size makes them an easy prey for a lot so they live at the top most branches of the trees to stay away from those wanting to eat them. Another kind of monkeys are able to distinguish the colors of the leaves. With this skill they can ignore the leaves which are poisonous and not edible yet. Monkeys have a lot of traits similar to humans. Like humans, monkeys adapt well to their
environment. An example of this is the scene where Mr. David Attenborough showed a dummy of a tiger and the monkeys started making sounds. This sounds are warning signals for all of the monkeys to stay out of the tigers way. They work in teams. Each sound they make is distinct to every threat that comes. Both humans and monkeys also have their social classes among themselves. They also have this inequality going on in their groups. Monkeys who are in the higher class comes with the benefit of being royalty while the ones at the foot of the pyramid is pitiful. Monkeys from the upper class can get food directly from the mouth of the other monkey in the lower class even though the monkey refuses. Also, upper class male monkeys always chooses first who he mates with. In order for the monkeys included in the lower class to mate, they still need to hide.

ANTONIO, Louise Sigrid C.

2011 - 48992


 At first I was not that interesed in the movie. I was not able to follow the storyline. But then when it came to the end when it was revealed that John Nash is suffering from Schizophrenia, I understood the story already and gained interest in watching it. I saw that people suffering with Schizophrenia before was very unfortunate because of the treatment they undergo. Medicines that are more patient-friendly had not been introduced yet. The film has a very good message to the viewers attitute towards schizophrenic people and to the world itself. It exposes the audiences to the world of the people who suffers from schizophrenia. The movie helps people accept and know more about people who has this kind of mental illness. "A Beautiful Mind" shows the ordinary people the right way on how to deal
with people who experiences schizoprenia. With the help of the people and the loved ones of the person with the disability, the patient can overcome anything. Upon watching this film, people may realize that it is truly the "ability not the disability". Even though people have disabilities they could still contribute something big and something great to this world.  Same goes for the people who have schitzophrenia and other illnesses, the movie serves as an inspiration for them. John Nash serves as an inspiration for the people who suffers from their own diseases. They can still do something about their condition. They should never lose
hope, they should continue life and enjoy it to the fullest.

ANTONIO, Louise Sigrid C. 2011 - 48992


 I had no idea there were so much bird species in the campus. The only bird I see around everytime are the Mayas. Mayas are the only one I can distinguish, except for the parrots the eagle and the other well-known birds we see in the parks. For one thing, I do not have that of a strong interest in birds. Second, the only bird I can see everyday are the Mayas and the eagle printed on my ID.
The bird watching activity the class made was a real challenge. Birds are very sensitive animals. They are very distant creatures. It's either they are out of our line of sight or they are too quick in flying away whenever people comes or we were just too loud and we were so good at scaring them away.
I thought I was very fortunate that day because I was bringing along my camera and I had the chance to take pictures of these cute little creatures. Unfortunately for me, I was too good of a scarecrow. Only the Mayas were not afraid. There were scarcity of birds other than the Mayas during the activity. The closest thing the group got to interesting is the nest we saw at the top of the tree, but unfortunately the lens of my camera was not prepared for that distance. I cannot do anything. It was out of my line of sight. Some birds that were flying around I cannot distinguish and are also too far above the ground. The environment in the university is no doubt very eco-friendly. The university must be so proud of that. Even though I haven't seen any of the "birds other than Mayas", I believe that they are there. If the university will just continue and protect the environment that they have the future generations, both
humans and birds will be extremely happy.  I have a photo attached below of the brave Mayas who were willing and kind enough to pose for the camera.

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