Monday, May 26, 2014

UYEHARA- Reaction Paper

Uyehara, Marion Theo J.
May 26, 2014 
2010 - 10187
Reaction Paper

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

BBC Film: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a romantic fable about bringing the idea of the Fly Fishing sport into the Yemen desert. Dr. Alfred Jones is tasked by a Sheikh to bring the vision into action together with financial adviser, Harriet Chetwode-Talbot. The British Government got interested in the project and supported it to improve relations between their government and the Islamic nations. The Film brought to life an idea that is technically possibly hard scientifically to bring into fruition. Mixed with lessons about faith, the film exhibits how bizarre a vision can influence both science and politics.

The film exhibits a relationship between science and politics. Concepts will find it hard to become successful projects if they are not supported by bodies. Large projects such as constructing a dam and shipping salmons into a desert are already really hard to imagine because of environmental factors, and what more if these projects are already rejected to receive financial support. In the case of an excursion like this, big organizations and almost always a large political body are largely depended upon for its success.

Science and Politics therefore are interrelated and should also have a good relationship. It will be hard for Science to develop without the support of political bodies. On the other hand, political bodies gain trust from bodies they control because of success of the projects they support. Nowadays, it is not rare for students to request for sponsorship and assistance of large companies to aid in their projects. Companies sometimes even influence the conceptualizing of projects. The advancement of science is not for the sake of science itself, it is for many things, including politics.

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