Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reaction on Meteorology talk

Ma. Cielo Amor C. Griño

Meteorology is the study of weather. It is a concept taught during our elementary days. Most students regard Meteorology only as a science that would tell if they have to go to school the next day or would the classes be suspended during the afternoon. Since the planet Earth is not in good shape, weather patterns are a bit off lately. Global Warming is also an issue. Today, Meteorology is given a great importance that it should have received ages ago.
Almost all the aspects regarding livelihood and other activities depend on the weather and climate of a certain place. In the Philippines, tending crops, animal production and fisheries are the main source of living of most Filipinos. The production of raw materials like crops rely on the weather, hoping it’s not too sunny or rainy that would lead to the destruction of crops.  Fisheries and other livestock depend on atmospheric and oceanic changes for successful yield.
Knowing how to, at least, read weather maps provided in the websites of different meteorological agencies would be considered helpful not just for ourselves but also for the people around us. Predicting the weather and warning the public ahead of time would minimize casualties and other damages. Protection of human life from severe thunderstorms and “super” typhoons is the utmost concern. A simple notice to bring an umbrella tomorrow is helpful to each of our lives.
Meteorological agencies here in the Philippines should be given maximum attention to avoid the damages and casualties from catastrophic events like the “Super” typhoon Ondoy and Yolanda. Since the Philippines experience a lot of typhoons, weather equipment should be updated for accurate and fast assessment of the weather. Public awareness is a priority. 

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