Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

Bajo, Mark Arjay M.

A Beautiful Mind

I firmly believe that all humans are equal in some way. Every quality, every blessing, every advantage, and every disadvantages of every single human being may be viewed in a certain scoring system. By summing it up, we can say that every human has equal points. That said, we can take a look at John Nash.

In the movie, John Nash is considered a genius but slightly different from normal. With his extremely capable brain and unparalleled imagination prowess, John Nash has his own flaws. Progressing through the movie, he has realized that by curing his schizophrenia, he would sacrifice his own imagination and problem solving skills. Despite the fact that he can cure his own illness, he chose not to so that he can continue digging through mathematical discoveries. In the end, he adapted to his own situation well. In exchange of his skills, he accepted his illness and dealt with it. He even made great difference on the field of economics and math world.

Another thing worth noting is John Nash's wife. She has remained on john's side despite the fact that he has been going through an unstable state. With her presence and unwavering love, John Nash was able to survive and fight for life with her by his side.
Scientist, mathematicians, and the like that were able to change this world in some way and discover something have something in common. They all have an insane amount of passion. I guess the amount of passion makes the difference on every person. I believe that in terms of capability, all human beings are equal. It comes down to how much passion can a person have to do what they want and possibly move the world.

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