Monday, May 26, 2014

Group 13 - Teamon and Pumba: Photographs

Photographs of Science, Technology and Society

ALBA, R (2010-04101) | BALONSAY, CM (2010-26323) | CERDAN, EJ (2011-15364) | KIT, MBY (2012-58453) | MAAÑO, EM (2012-21523) | MUYCO, CA (2012-61288) | REYES, JA (2010-01044) | SANTOS, ADP (2013-59274) | TARRAS, A (2010-27639)


 Lights Rays Passing Through Windows

Seeing the wonder of the glass-making and steel-making technologies that enable the manufacture of prefabricated windows for modular buildings, this photo shows a human enamored by the setting sun.


 Local Birding Scene

 Invention of the umbrella has helped this person to keep her skin from being bombarded with ultraviolet rays while seemingly enjoying a fun birding activity within the campus grounds.


 Vanishing Point

 This photograph conveys a message that every civil structure on the ground can go hand in hand with nature rising up to the sky, while the society remains at the middle ground, acting as a mediator.

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