Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reaction on Inception

Randy C. Beros
2010 - 38085
            Dreaming is a very interesting subject. Many researches are being conducted on it but until now we are still far from having a full grasp of how it really works.
            Inception is a movie that tries to introduce its audience to the concept of dream sharing, that is, someone else being able to enter another ones dream. It is a popular theory that dreams are manifestations of our own subconscious. Cobb, the protagonist, is an extractor. Together with his team, they create mazes from a simple room to whole cities, only limited by their imagination, and lets their target fill that maze with their subconscious.
              One of the main plots that I like about the movie is the issue between what is real and what is a dream and how do you know which is which. In a dream, anything is possible. The dreamers have the power to design their dream, to create worlds which is not confined in the laws of physics, to relive events from memory. Being able to experience this godlike ability, the dreamer is no longer satisfied with their mundane lives, they are addicted to their dreams. This is illustrated with Ariadne. After a bad encounter with Mal, saying she had enough, she still came back for more. This is further illustrated with the group of dreamers being managed by Yusuf. That group come together 4 hours a day to share a dream. One of the elders there have a very interesting lines which are, "they come to be awaken" "the dream has become their reality, who are you to say otherwise".
            In the movie Cobb and his team's mission is to do inception to an heir of a energy empire. Inception is basically planting an idea into someone's subconscious. Cobb explained that an idea is like a virus. Ones planted, it can develop into anything and can redefine the whole identity of the target. When Cobb and Mal were trapped inside limbo, Cobb planted an idea to Mal that is what they were experiencing was real. It helped Mal to cope with living in limbo but when they woke up and that very simple idea manifested into something so extreme that she eventually killed herself. I think that the movie itself is somewhat similar to inception. It planted an idea into the watchers which is interpreted differently by everyone just like in the last scene, Cobb checks if his awake or dreaming by spinning a top. The scene is then cut mid spin. That scene has sparked a lot of debates on whether or not Cobb is awake or still dreaming.

            I like Inception a lot. I have watched it a few times already but it still feels very fresh every time. What I like about the movie is it is very structured. Every aspect of dream sharing is explained in detail and is supported by science and because of the detail, it feels more realistic and plausible. All in all, Inception is a great movie and will leave you thinking until the very end.

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