Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Inception and Dreams

Bajo, Mark Arjay M.

Inception and Dreams

It is really amazing how our brain functions when asleep. It is said that our brain functions way more efficient when asleep and especially while dreaming. Basically, in our dreams we conjure another reality - a reality that exists in our head. There are rumors or guesses that pertain dreams being a tool for clairvoyance. Others say that dreams are mere depiction of one’s brain for an alternative reality. Apparently, there is no absolute science on deterring dreams. What we only know is that majority, if not all, of us experiences it.
In the movie Inception, dreams have been the major setting. The concept of inception is interesting – planting an idea in a mind through dreams. Setting aside the story, the movie has tackled how to escape from a dream. They refer it as “the kick”. It has been fun and interesting to see how the movie depicted the kick since it happens to me a lot.
I also like the idea of lucid dreaming, but I can’t actually do it. I would like to have lucid dreams if it’s possible. In the movie, shared dreams is quite a highlight besides lucid dreaming. I think it is possible for us to have shared dreams. I think it is somehow connected to our brain waves. Same brainwaves will enter a specific dream plane and after that we can have shared dreams. That’s just a theory though.
The author/director of the film has introduced some interesting concepts. That includes the architect of the dream and the subject. As I have said, the movie highlights shared dreaming. The effectivity of the dream created by the architect is relative to his/her brain state. Cobb is a dream architect but he stopped being one since the death of his wife, one of the main antagonists of the story.

Over all, the movie was interesting and the documentary about dreams was relevant to the movie too. 

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