Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weather Weather Lang

by Sarena P. Tarongoy

          Philippines is surrounded by a lot of huge bodies of water. There are seas, rivers and streams in the Philippine area of responsibility and the Pacific Ocean is our neighbor in the east. Also, our location is north of the equator where a lot of atmospheric conditions happen. These are the causes why we are frequently visited by more or less 20 tropical cyclones (Badrina, 2014).

          Our government has different agencies for us to call on when we need some help about the weather conditions of the country. PAGASA is the main agency and is the one mandated to report the weather forecasting in the Philippines. They are the ones who observe, analyze and interpret data for the people. Consequently, Filipinos can understand better what will happen and how to deal with it.

          I think working in PAGASA is not an easy job. The scientists in PAGASA will have to deal with the complications of science and translate these to layman language and disseminate the information as soon as possible. It is really helpful that different sites and projects are already helping PAGASA like the Project NOAH and Project Wise. These sites along with the other international agencies can help us to understand the weather giving us enough knowledge on how to lessen the effects of tropical cyclones in our lives. By visiting these sites, we can also plan our weekend activities or trips since they have the option of daily or weekly rain forecast.

          We must help ourselves in understanding our environment. Internet connection is cheaper nowadays so we have the chance to visit the sites of PAGASA and other agencies. Also, our television and radio can also give us information about the weather. We must also help in disseminating the information we have received. Let us help each other for us not to be broken by the tropical cyclones that will visit our country.

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