Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Group 13 Teamon and Pumba - Reaction Papers 2


A Beautiful Mind

It is beautiful, tear-jerking film about a brilliant person striving to recover from schizophrenia. I actually believed that everything was real before it was discovered that John Nash was suffering from the said mental disorder. He was a very, very intelligent person who had a mental capacity that was above others. But being this intelligent doesn’t mean that everything was great in his life. He was odd; very different from your normal person. He did not have any friends— or maybe he did not consider anyone as his friend. He was socially awkward and had trouble talking to real people, which led him into thinking up the perfect best friend for him. A person who gives him advice and courage to do what he wouldn’t normally do. He also thought up an imaginary boss, and a secret job. He made himself an important person in his own world. Nevertheless, a woman, this time a real human being, was interested in him and ended up loving and marrying him, and they even had a child. Though as time passed, his disorder got worse and the only cure that the doctors knew was insulin shock therapy. It was hard for his wife to see him go through that. It would be hard on anyone to see their beloved suffering. And this is where the beauty of the movie comes out.

Nash’s wife, Alicia, was a very patient and loving person. She had to put up with all those hardships because she had to take care of two people— her husband and her child. I would not be able to stand having a husband like that but she stayed. Her love and dedication is what made Nash recover from his disorder. Nash became a teacher at the university. He was ridiculed by the students, just like back in college but he pushed through. He overcame the disorder that doctors thought was incurable. He was not fully cured but he learned how to live with them while leading a normal life. He even ended up earning a Nobel Prize and the recognition of his colleagues. It showed the viewers that with the right amount of determination and support, you can overcome anything. You hold the power in making your life better or worse.

Bird Watching

Never have I ever thought that the class would be doing a bird watching activity. Before this activity, I never knew how diverse the birds residing in the UP campus are. In the science complex alone, you can be able to see lots of different birds you might not have seen before. My group saw a total of 3 different birds, including the Maya. It’s a small number, but in my opinion, it’s actually good for a first time, though we weren’t really able identify the type of birds that we saw. Bird watching is fun but I don’t think it’s for me. Walking around randomly under the hot sun while at the same time looking up to look for birds for 20 minutes is very tiring. What’s more, you have to be really careful so as to not scare the birds. The slightest disturbance can make them fly away. It was challenging but then again the experience of seeing beautiful types of birds is actually pretty amazing.

As was said earlier, the slightest disturbance can make them fly away, what will happen if their home or their ecosystem was damaged? It would be disappointing to know that, in the future, these birds might not be around anymore. All these magnificent birds are around us but most people really underappreciate its beauty. What we need to do is to preserve these places where the birds reside; to protect them so as not to lose the beautiful experience of seeing and hearing different types of birds as we walk around the campus. UP is one of the few places where one can experience this and I think that we should look after it so that future generations will also be able to have a wonderful experience such as this one.

The Future of Media

Media has affected sending and receiving data and information a lot through the years, especially electronic media. The electronic media revolution has significantly transformed communication because of the fast evolving technology which provides new media for long distance communications. It has altered the way people share ideas and advocacies. It is the main focus of today’s technology. It has changed people’s lifestyles and individual identity. It made marketing and advertising easier and harder at the same time. It has changed how people live.

In the forum on politics and advocacy speakers on their idea that social media is the most meaningful if it is used to help others and that influential is different from popular. I have also seen the fact that most people tend to forget the past problems once new trending news comes up online. New media gives people news faster but it also makes it more unreliable and this is why traditional media is still needed to clear misunderstandings and fake information. However, people still tend to cling to new media because it is faster and easier to get hold of. The main takeaway I got from the talk on advocacy is that it is easy to voice your own ideas and opinions on the new media but influence and support can only be achieved by great leaders; that excellence finds its own audience.

Technology is a very important element of people’s lives on today’s society. It helps communicating with each other easier and aids in receiving and sending information. My take on this is that media influences on the advancements in technology are actually a positive matter. Recent discoveries and innovations strive towards finding ways for people to live easier while being eco-friendly. 

Even though media influences on technology are really fantastic, its influence on lifestyle have some unhealthy side effects. To be able to share your ideas, experiences and adventures on the social media world is wonderful and opinions on things that matter, like for example healthy eating, actually help those who have no idea about that certain topic. However, nowadays, a lot of people seem to dwell too much on social media. I think this is because on the internet, you can be anyone you want to be. You can live another life, but not necessarily a better one. Real life interactions get less and less. Almost everywhere you can see people are sitting next to each other, yet they look down on their mobile gadgets. It would be nice to see people put their mobiles down every once in a while, look up, and start talking to each other.

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