Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reaction Paper: Inception

Salac, Carlo P. 

Review on Inception

     I have been hearing good reviews on the movie Inception for a long time. I have also planned on watching it many times, yet I haven’t watched a single part of it until it was played in our STS class. Upon watching it, I realized one thing: I was so stupid for not watching this awesome film! It has almost everything that I look for in a film: action, a touch of science, very good story, and a memory that will make your imagination work for a long time. This thing is simply two hours of pure awesomeness!

     The idea of dream control has always fascinated me, and this movie has just shown me the kind of thrill that I want to experience in my dreams. You can be whatever you like, even break the laws of physics that you can’t hope to achieve in the real world. Basically, you are the god of your own realm! The movie also showed some of the possible uses of dream control, which I found quite disturbing. If thorough studies on dreams will be done and those applications will be made possible, a whole array of new crimes can be done such as theft of confidential information and the cultivation of an idea on other people’s mind which was done in the film. It would be much better if the dream world, if ever made much more accessible to the community, would be instead used for self-recreation and development. One thing that I also find interesting is the concept of the limbo. The idea of being imprisoned in an imaginary place with no easy means of escape, where you continue to get old with nothing left to do but to wait for your death is just terrifying. However, if only there will be a way to freely access this world in your mind, I think this will be the best place to visit because you can be wherever you want inside it. It will be the perfect world for yourself.

     Regarding the end of the story, whether Cobb’s reunion with his children was reality or a dream, I think that it was reality. The spin of the spindle in the last scene was not consistent although it didn't stop until the end. Also, I think that Cobb has proven himself deserving to achieve the reality that he always wanted. It was an effective way to let the viewers think of an ending of their own. In this manner, the movie was able to keep the viewer’s imagination working. It will be up to us whether we will give Cobb the reality that he always wanted, or we will forever lock him in this false reality called dream. 

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