Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mariano, Shyrill Mae - Reaction Papers (2)

Mariano, Shyrill Mae 2012 - 60404


As one who is very interested in dreams, I found Inception a very interesting and informative film. I wasn’t even aware about the possibility lucid dreaming until I have seen the film. The scientific approach of the movie was quite surprising, too. First, the use of a specially made sedative. All the planning and the preparation that was done could be said to be scientific, too, just like in an experiment where one observes, identifies the problem, formulates the hypothesis, perform the experiment then conclude. Dreams itself have been quite a fascinating topic in the world of science, and in fact, it’s not even agreed wholly that dreams could be considered under science. For me, dreams are that of the mind while science deals with the realm where the body is. The mind and the body, as I have learned from our Philo 1, cannot be correlated to each other and by doing so, one will commit a category mistake. This makes it quite hard to relate dreams with science. For now, there could be no final conclusion to how dreams are related to science, but in the future, hopefully, there could be more studies to clear up the questions surrounding the nature of dreams.


The talk about how science and technology can be seen in the society was really fascinating. The fact that the talk would veer from the original path due to several other connections found furthermore proves how science and technology can be found in different sectors of the society. For example, I, who’s read a lot of novels, have seen science been integrated to different plots of different genres of literature. Dystopian novels mostly falls under sci-fi as their second category with the addition of futuristic chemicals, machines, beings and societies in the author’s built world. Some tend to show how science could bring upon the destruction of the society if misused, some tend to show how science can be used to control or manage a society and some show how science could actually help build a better, utopic future for everyone. Several sci-fi movies could be seen with these themes, too. I think it is good that science is being integrated to media that can reach even the ordinary people who are not that inclined to science, and hopefully, it brings them to understand how science can help or sometimes destroy the society. 

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