Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Kelvin Ryan S. Marcelo

“Salmon Fishing in Yemen” is about Fred, a fish expert, and Harriet, a financial advisor, brought together by the idea of introducing salmon to Yemen waters. The idea was conceived by Sheikh a rich fishing-enthusiast and later supported by Patricia the advisor of the British prime minister. With Sheikh’s funding and Patricia’s connections, the idea of Salmon fishing in Yemen became a project. During the initial stages of the project, Fred was sceptical; he did not believe that it was possible given the environment the fish were to live in. Through Harriet’s undoubting faith, Fred was able to accept and believe in the project. During the course of the project, both Fred and Harriet experienced problems in their personal life. Fred was unhappy with his married life and finally decided to end his relationship. Harriet was devastated when she heard that her boyfriend was killed in action. Together both Fred and Harriet found support in each other and fell in love. All was going well until the day the project was launched; Harriet’s boyfriend was found alive and was there to welcome her. In addition to this, the project which was amazingly successful was sabotage by opposing locals. Just when hope was lost and believing in the project and love in the first place seemed pointless, some of the salmons were seen alive. In the end, Harriet chose Fred over her boyfriend and together Fred and Harriet continued the project believing that salmon fishing was possible in Yemen.

“Salmon Fishing in Yemen” is a film about change. It is about how people accept and react to change. In the scientific field, change is often opposed and unpopular. Throughout history, people who believed in new and unique ideas were deemed crazy and sometimes threatened by opposing forces. Just like in the movie, the narrow-minded locals failed to see the good in the project and were scared of it. They sabotage the project because of these. Same can be told for decision making people’s lives. People themselves are scared of change. They hate uncertainties, the risk involved in believing and attempting something new. Some are satisfied with the lives they have rather than risk it for a better one. In the movie, Fred was unhappy in his married life. For years he did not do anything about it, he was scared that he could not have anything better. In end, Harriet made Fred believe in change. Harriet also had the same problem. When her boyfriend was back from the dead, she was torn between choosing Fred or her boyfriend. In the last moment, she chose Fred when she realized that she have already fallen in love with him. Both of these scenarios in the movie are depiction of change, change may come in years or in a moment. “Salmon Fishing in Yemen” teaches the viewer that there is no need to be afraid of change because progress is change.

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