Monday, May 19, 2014

Reaction Paper: Inception

Cercado, Tresia Michelle Jan M.


                “Inception” was a hit. And it is still one hell of a movie up to now coming from the reactions of our STS class. In relation to a previous session on the documentary about dreams, Inception was an effective example about the mystery of dreams and reality. Like what the title says, it is basically about planting an idea on one’s mind through dreams within a dream within a dream within a dream.. yes, you get it.
   So about the ending.. I think it was still a dream. You might say I’m pretty pessimistic but after watching the film for several times, I believe that Cobb wasn’t able to go back to reality. If we have to follow consistency and all the technicalities related in performing inception according to the film, Cobb will stay in Limbo. I’m kidding, sort of. Of course, I would like to believe that Cobb was able to see his children and everything will be alright and most especially, he’s in reality. And besides, according to Nolan, the argument whether the last part was real or not is not the point of the movie. Cobb didn’t really care in the end. All he was concerned at that moment was just his children.

        In general, Inception shows us how science (dreams in this case) and the reality correlate with one another. Although it was a science-fiction movie after all, the powers and possibilities of dreams are present and cannot be ignored. Dreaming, however, happens in reality. If inception really happens or at least will happen in the future, I think that it’s scary and is possible to be disruptive just like what was shown in the film. It can destroy relationships and basically everything related to a person’s life.  This is the problem with science and technology and all the possibilities it can bring about especially in the future. We must utilize these advancements for the good of the humanity as much as possible. 

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