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Patricia Manahan- Reaction Papers

Patricia Manahan




Technology is rapidly evolving and being incorporated in our everyday lives. In most ways, this makes our society more productive and engaging. Though this is the case, we are still having difficulty in knowing its bounds with respect to our existing practices and laws. Today, it is very easy to access the internet. It becomes even easier with the availability of the devices that can connect to the internet. Smart phones being popular have made interacting with society become second nature for us. We do not anymore thing about what or how we say and do things in cyberspace.

This is when cyber crimes steps in. It is only recently that we are really having more and frequent cyberspace related incidents in the Philippines. As I mentioned earlier, we are still not equipped with enough resources and knowledge to handle such problems. Therefore, these cases are still not solved and eventually put aside. General cyberspace crimes are already hard to solve. Violence against women is also one of the hardest cases to be solved in court. Combining these two situations would make solving a case even harder to accomplish. Laws regarding violence against women alone are still not fully organized and easily implemented.

It was also mentioned in the group discussions that those officials who are the ones capable of making and implementing the laws regarding these issues do not have ample knowledge regarding cyberspace crimes. This hinders the development of our constitution with respect to cyber crimes. 

It is also discussed that some politicians use the loopholes of the existing bills and laws about cyberspace to there advantage. They use the anonimuousity of the posters of negative news about them to excuse that the news has no hint of truth. They argue that these posts are just political enemies trying to ruin their good reputation. However, at times, these accusations might have more truth to them than some politicians let out.

I also agree with the point that cybersex is not illegal per se. The factor added that makes these acts illegal is the cyber dens that profit from these activities. Just like prostitution, it is more on the money received from the act that is looked down on and not the actual sex. Knowing the difference and bounds of the likes of this issue makes defining laws even harder for lawmakers.

I believe that to have a better and safer society, creation and implementation of cyberspace laws should be improved. In addition, there should be laws that govern the whole world since the internet has no territorial boundaries set per country. Since all countries could interact and do crimes against each other in the cyber world, appropriate laws should exist so that each person can receive justice.




Humans sleep roughly around 1/3 of our lives. Sleeping involves dreaming whether we are aware of it or not. That is why dreaming is one of the most profound things that humans do. We are aware that dreaming does happen and we are the ones experiencing it but we could not control it.

The movie Inception intensifies all our interests. Being able to control our dreams like that of the movie would not only be fun but can really help our society becomes more productive. The idea from the movie that dreams were used for military training could only be one of the uses of dream sharing. Dreams being infinite and our creativity being boundless, we could build a world in our dreams that we could recreate in reality. Though creating our world in our dreams has its benefits, there are still many problems that could arise from it. Similar to the movie, we could interchange our belief of which world is truly our reality.

The movie does not only tackle dreams but the mind as a whole. It makes the viewers realize, though subtle because we focus more on the dream topic, that we our mind is susceptible to suggestions and the like. Though very indirect, they were able to plant the seed of idea to dissolve Mr. Fischer’s empire. Even in Mal’s case, it happened though only accidentally. It shows how the mind is so fragile. An idea can make or break a person’s whole world. The ideas that people have are the ones that we believe in. In some ways, people’s ideas are what make them who they are. Therefore, doing inception through dreams would be a very dangerous thing if it could happen in real life.

I have read a number of articles regarding the ending of the movie and I chose to believe that they all woke up from the dream. The mind is a powerful thing. I believe that Dom’s love for his child and his intelligence could have gotten him out of the limbo that they were in. In addition, I think if it were the other way around, the movie would not have any sense since they died anyway. I choose to believe that they had a purpose and fulfilled it.


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