Saturday, May 24, 2014


Patio, Regine P.

Though it wasn’t my first time to watch Inception, it still never fails to fascinate me. Inception is a film by Christopher Nolan and the story revolves around dreams. It is about Cobb and his team whereas they steal information from other people’s subconscious by extracting these ideas through shared dreams. Cobb was so good at his work until his wife, Mal, who apparently died because she confused reality as a dream, started appearing in the dreams, thus distracting Cobb from doing his work and failing Mr. Saito’s test. His team was then asked to plant, instead of extract, an idea to Robert Fischer in order to bring Fischer’s company down. This is more difficult than extracting because they will have to dream within a dream within a dream and so on, and go deeper into the person’s mind in order to plant the idea well. Inception showed how complex the mind can be and how it can mess things up as well.

As the story progressed, we were introduced to concepts the audience can actually relate to. For instance is when Cobb told Ariadne how we can’t actually remember how we enter a dream and not remember the beginning of a dream as he explains to Ariadne how she will function in the team. Another is that the film showed the difficulty we experience as we distinguish dreams from reality, because things seem to be real even when dreaming, and how the ideas we get from dreaming can actually make us doubt reality. I also liked the idea of the “kick” that a person experiences when he is about to wake up from a dream. Aside from the cool visual effects and awesome cast, I think the way the audience can relate to it made them more inclined to the film.

The entire film really gets into you as soon as you started watching but the ending is what really perplexed the viewers. Cobb was able to go back to his children and spun his top but as soon as it began to wobble, the credits rolled, leaving the viewers frustrated to know whether he was able to return to reality or was stuck in the limbo and created his own world instead. I actually read articles about the ending as soon as I got the chance and I’d like to believe that Cobb was able to go back to the real world. From what I’ve read, they said that Cobb wasn’t wearing a ring, which he wears while inside a dream, therefore he really got back to reality.

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