Monday, May 26, 2014


Jeanne Myrtia Macalalad
            Having the talk about meteorology and a little about the nature of work in PAGASA, I have become more interested in taking up MS Meteorology. I remembered when I was still in high school the reason why I chose a science course is because I want to take up MS Meteorology and work in PAGASA or maybe out of the country. Before I didn’t know that this field would require a strong background in math and physics that is why I was very interested to enter this field. After experiencing math and physics in UP I realized I am not that good in both subjects and I was starting to wonder if I still should take up a master’s degree.
            The talk was really informative it has opened our eyes in the way how weather forecasts are made. I have also understood a lot especially about how to read the data for the forecast and that these readings might be inaccurate at some point. And even though I understood a lot there are still things that I don’t know about what the speaker is talking about, maybe because I don’t have a good background about this field. But I really like the speaker because he is making complicated things easier for us so that we students can understand. Also he sees to it that we are listening and that we are awake during the session, he even said jokes and did ice breakers.

            Even though this session drew me closer to decide for my future I am still having doubts and still confused if I should take up a master’s degree in Geology or in Meteorology. Of course I also want to be good in my field that is why I am considering Geology for my master’s degree. After this I hope I will have more knowledge about both fields so I can weigh my options and choose the right thing.

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