Monday, May 26, 2014

Planting an Idea into the Brain

Planting an Idea into the Brain
Jiorjohn Aurius Co 2010-25802
                  Inception is an amazing sci-fi movie. For me it is one of the best I’ve watched so far. Movies that will make you think deeper even after watching them. For me, I prefer the ending where the last part is Cobb’s reality. I always want the main character to experience a happy ending.
I think that the movie has no explanation on the shared dreams experienced by people in the movie. How they go into one dreamland just by being together in a small place.
In my opinion, the idea of this movie which is having a shared dream is not possible in the future. The layered dreams and lucid dreams are possible. In the present, getting these dreams are not easy. As far as I know, some are getting it just by coincidence. Some have a strong state of mind.
If in the future deception and inception is possible, it might help people who have Alzheimer’s disease or any memory loss sickness. For every scientific knowledge and technology, there will be bad applications just like in the movie. Stealing and implanting an idea into an important person can cause either good or bad situations.

Fishing in Politics
Jiorjohn Aurius Co 2010-25802
                  The movie “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” is a good movie that shows the good side of Arabic people. American movies and TV shows depict them always as terrorists which is a good way of persuading the people into favouring the warring of Middle East countries. Americans seek the money that they can get from the oil in the deserts.
                  Politics greatly influence the creation of some science feat. The relationship of science and technology, and politics is shown in the desire of the political leader from Yemen to have salmon fishing in his country. It became possible only because of the scientific knowledge of Dr. Jones. Engineers also helped in the cause. For example in the past, if not the order of Hitler to Porsche to design a “people’s car”, we would not see the amazing Volkswagen Beetle. It is a very efficient vehicle at the time. It is designed to carry at least 5 people that run at 100 kph and have a good mileage.


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