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Jiorjohn Aurius Co 2010-25802

Apes, Primates, Monkeys
Jiorjohn Aurius Co 2010-25802

            Humans and monkeys belong to the same ape family. Both are using tools to cope with their everyday lives. We just have a larger and a developed brain so we use more advanced tools. It can be said that the monkeys are living in the early years of our old stone age. When they spot an opportunity that can be beneficial, they exploit it. They have also developed culture and tradition. From the video, the rubbing of insect repellent leaves is a social gathering for some monkey species.
            Monkeys are always seen in small or big groups. For me, this is the main point of the video which said that the size of the group depends on the brain size. As for humans, we can have real friends numbering only to 150.
            As I watched the documentary, I remember the movie “The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Then I thought that at some point in our future the monkeys could have reached the intelligence level of the monkeys in the movie. It can be supported by the fact that they have the ability to imitate and to apply some basic human skills. The skills they learned are passed on to the next generation. Given the right amount of time, maybe a hundred or a thousand of years, they can learn how to speak or how to talk.
            My main take away from the documentary is that change is really the permanent thing in this world. We could be the chimpanzees from the past. Evolution is a constant process. We just have to be ready for what’s to come to us.

The Great Scientists
Jiorjohn Aurius Co 2010-25802
            When I was a kid, I watched the cartoon, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, this gave me the idea that scientists are people who create or discover something new in his world. In order to discover new things, they must not think like an average person. John Nash’s condition helped him discover his own theory. There is a point in the movie that he couldn’t solve the problems because he can’t see his delusions. They have also the passion for their study that eats up their time and social life.
            Without them, our life would be the same as today. Our life would not be better than the ancient past. Their discoveries help to improve our society. Discoveries lead to create new technologies. At some point in the past, I can’t believe that preserving the environment is not their priority. They were not proactive. They became concerned only when the problem lies in front of them.

            They have also bad inventions and discoveries like the nuclear bomb. Using just one in a particular place, the place will not be habitable for a very long time. Instead of being the protector of this planet, we are destroying it and are making it inhabitable to the future generations. Will the discovery of cure for cancer or the discovery of the right technology to cover farther distance in space travel me it even before the living things in the planet to die.

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