Thursday, May 15, 2014

CAMOMOT - Inception

CAMOMOT, Kaia Louise R.
2013-17839 STS X2

In a span of about 3 days or so, our class watched the mindboggling movie Inception. This movie is about a group of guys who extract ideas from people through their dreams. They go into a deep sleep and make their target person think that his or her dream is somewhat a reality, and then they try to convince that person to give to them the idea that they want. Some times they fail and the person ends up realizing that he or she is dreaming, but other times, they actually succeed.

In this movie, the main goal was to do the exact opposite of what they were used to doing. Instead of extracting an idea from a person’s mind, they were trying to implant one instead. Their goal was to implant an idea in Fischer’s head to make him shut down his father’s company. It was a tough road since they had to go through three dream landscapes, which was what they called inception. A dream within a dream. In order to achieve this, they had to be heavily sedated, and the twist here was that if anyone died in the dream, they wouldn’t just wake up. They were too heavily sedated to do so. They would simply fall into the bottom most layer of dreamland, complete nothingness. And it was hard to escape from that. Going to that layer was what killed Cobb, the main character’s wife because they stayed in that layer for too long that she wasn’t able to differentiate the dream from reality anymore that when they were back in the real world, Mal (the wife) killed herself thinking she would just wake up afterwards. But in the end, they were able to fulfill their duties of implanting an idea to Fischer’s head.

The last scene of Inception showed Cobb waking up and going back to his family, and when he spun his top to see if he wasn’t dreaming, the scene was cut just as we were about to find out whether or not it would or wouldn’t stop spinning, signifying whether or not he was really awake. It was very mind boggling indeed.

What I learned from this is that we should never run to our dreams for comfort, because dreams offer us a world that we never could imagine, a world that we could never live in. It offers us fantasies and all those things we wish we had in real life, and the minute we see dreams as a way to escape, we can never look at reality the same way again. We will make dreams our reality. If ever enough technology is gathered to make inception possible, I don’t think it is the right thing to do. There are too many risks. If we have a problem in our life, we should face them, not run away from them or use the easy and manipulative way out. Dreams are a fascinating concept but I don’t think we should dwell on them too much because that’s what they are: just dreams.

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